England and Witches: France’s Greatest Threats in 1358


The Special Council of the Regent of France (1356) expressed many pressing concerns during a press conference earlier today. With planned military actions against their greatest enemy, England, about to be put forth by the Council, many in the nation are concerned that the country is not ready to take Great Britain on. However, some of the Council argued that now is the perfect time to strike, as England is asking France for a truce. Many of the Council take this as a sign that their enemy is weak, and cannot defeat France.


The Special Council of the Regent of France during a press conference this morning.

Some are also concerned that the peasantry may not support further military action against the enemy. As stated by one member of the Council, the peasantry is tired. They are tired of having their livelihoods taken away by taxes that fund a never ending military campaign. The Council believes that campaigns against England will soon come to an end, but the peasantry of France is growing restless.

However, members of the Council do not believe England to be the greatest threat to their nation. They believe that witchcraft and sorcery are more dangerous to France’s interest than a military enemy. As stated by one Council member, they believe witches are dividing the nation, and their evil nature must be put to an end. Calls were made for rounding up all suspected witches to burn them at the stake, as their work is the work of the devil.


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