Editorial: World Health Organization Should Look Towards Mergers


As the World Health Organization discusses the institutionalization of pandemic and epidemic management, it must consider a multifaceted approach that takes into consideration the interests and socioeconomic differences of every nation represented.

The existence of too many working papers in the World Health Organization signals that there is a lack of efficient communication between many countries and delegations. While some of the papers are looking towards mergers, too many nations are not willing to negotiate on seemingly trivial clauses.

The Sydney Morning Herald applauds the three mergers occurring within the World Health Organization, and commends them for incorporating the interests and ideas of both developed and developing nations. PANDIM, a merged working paper focused on pandemic diplomacy, is an example of a merger that focuses on respect for national sovereignty and cultural differences. The paper advocates for local and global response measures that respect the local cultural and religion, an issue that was raised during the Ebola epidemic.

The Sydney Morning Herald encourages the World Health Organization to incorporate input from as many nations as possible in its search for solutions for the entire global community.  Socioeconomic disparities between developed and developing nations are too extreme to have a solution that represents the interests of only one region of the world.

The Sydney Morning Herald looks forward to seeing more collaboration and cooperation within the World Health Organization, and hopes that more mergers will be facilitated for the benefit of the international community.


Contributing nations present the PANDIM merger to the World Health Organization.


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