“Drop That Base” Bloc Proposes to Member States In DISEC


The states of Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Luxembourg in the DISEC community have come up with a working paper that they have described as detailed and comprehensive. They titled their bloc “Drop That Base” and are focused on determining the future of boundaries in the Middle East.

The State of Luxembourg currently proposes building a healthier civil society and at the same time reintegrating economic reforms with aids from NGOs to build positive relations and increase citizens participation.

The topic before the DISEC committee at present is the future of the Middle East. The delegation from Switzerland, which is also a part of the bloc, is adopting the Swiss policy of mediation.  They are proposing, in collaboration with other states, a broad framework that specifically addresses issues in the Middle East in non-interventionist ways.


The ‘Drop That Base’ Bloc today at 3:15 pm.

“Right now, we are working on strategies of passive positive intervention which seeks to mediate between conflicting states without actually intervening in their affairs. It is a step towards a more strategic and sustainable approach towards reconciliation,” the delegate from Switzerland stated in the interview.

The framework the bloc is proposing would be based on balance, autonomy, security, and self determination and this exactly prompted the idea for “Drop That Base.” Drop That Base means dropping the current base upon which society is structure, which is greatly flawed, while a new one be adopted.

The Drop the Base bloc considers this proposal for a framework  a comprehensive solution which would encompass long term and short term solutions as well as refugee repatriation.



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