Cuban Council of Ministers Censures Vice President


The Cuban Council of Ministers has voted to censure the Council Vice President for wanting to pursue democratic interests that they believed were fundamentally against the interests of the Cuban government and its people.

The vote passed with 9 votes in favor, 1 vote against, and 1 vote abstaining. The Council Vice President, in a surprising move, voted in favor of censuring himself.

“Democracy is not in our interests,” Leopoldo Cintra Frias, the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, said. “All he does is talk about democracy but it is not what Cuba needs.”

Other council members were not as quick to dismiss the Council Vice President, and encouraged the Cuban ministers to use alternative approaches rather than quickly imposing a punishment on him.

“We should let him be,” Maria Gonzalez, the Minister of Justice, said. “But we should lead a deep investigation into his actions because they are quite troubling.”

Following the successful passing of the directive, the Council Vice President has now been blocked from all communication with the public, both Cuban and international. The Council Vice President has also been banned from sending crisis notes that are not pre-approved by the committee, and has lost his voting rights to affect committee happenings. However, he is still able to speak and give his opinions to the Cuban Council of Ministers.


The Council Vice President of the Cuban Council of Ministers.


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