Cuban Council Discusses Progress on an International Level


2016-02-13 11.34.01

The Cuban Council of Ministers prepare to address the Press.

During today’s Press Conference, the Cuban Council of Ministers were questioned on how they are handling the current overthrow of the Venezuelan government. To this inquiry, the Minister of Finances and Prices said, “Cuba as a whole has rejected the US interference to the coupling of the Venezuelan government and has several ties with governments that supports the western barriers of the USA.”

2016-02-13 11.30.57

The Minister of Finance and Prices sits back after disclosing information on the recent developments resulting from the overthrow of the Venezuelan government.

The Vice Chairman added that right now, the council is focused on supporting “the communist dissonancy that still remains in Venezuela, the ones that support the true, legitimate government of the Venezuelan people that was democratically elected.” The VC said that the dissonance is not that strong as of now in Venezuela, but Cuba “remains strong in [their] ideals for Latin America and Venezuela.”

2016-02-13 11.31.18

The Vice Chairman speaks out on the importance of supporting the communist dissonancy that still remains scarcely in Venezuela.

With the progression of US and Cuban hostility, the council was asked how the talks with the United States regarding normalizing relations were progressing. The Council Vice President presented news that a peace conference was just held in Columbia where the Pope and a representative from the US were present. Also present was a representative from Russia. The issues surrounding the most recent actions taken were discussed. Details on said action were not disclosed openly, however the VP felt the peace conference was effective in what resulted from it. The VP said the council was “now debating taking a proposal in order to remove the blockade by the Americans…and [they] are going to grant the Russians exclusive trading rights to their sugarcane.”

2016-02-13 11.33.46

The Cuban Council of Ministers discuss their ideas with the Press.

The Council Vice President mentioned that Cuba would still remain a sovereign nation, while the Minister of Industry piped in to say that this information was still in the works and nothing has been confirmed yet.

2016-02-13 11.33.32

The Minister of Industry reminds the council that the information disclosed is still in talks.

This council will have more to discuss as they entertain more proposals.


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