“Creating, shaping and telling your story”: Bell Pottinger Management Team Press Conference


This morning several questions were delivered by the global newspaper El Pais and Hurriyet Daily News.

The questions covered the issues discussed in the committee like the rumors stating that Phillip Morris USA would cancel its 5 million dollar contract with the team due to the committees inactivity. A response was made by the Geopolitical Chairman in charge, stating that within the next hour they will work on strict measures to solve the client risks of canceling the contract and that “It is only a matter of time to determine it.”

Regarding the accusations about the economic impact of the genetically modified crops or their client, Monsanto, the Managing Director of Myanmar responded that Monsanto is currently working to reduce hunger in the world as well as expand struggling economics. The Geopolitical Chairman argued that a documentary should be done and called ” The Real Word According to Monsanto” to improve the image of their client. In response to a question regarding the high probabilities that these crops that were modified caused cancer when consumed, the board expressed that although some crops were tested and found to be unsafe, these crops were not being sold. Instead, Monsanto is reducing world-hunger on African countries.

Overall, the Management Team had great responses and we will be covering some updates about the recent negotiations and discussions being held.


Geopolitical from the Bell Pottinger Management Team


The team paying attention and hearing the questions


While answering the questions, delegates sent secret actions and directives


As soon as the press conference ended, the board continued their busy schedule


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