Correct Collaboration Will Ensure A Prosperous World Health Organization Committee


Attending such an important and big committee like the WHO is crucial to understanding the subjects that the delegates are discussing. The World Health Organization is focusing on pandemic diseases and how to prevent the spreading of such diseases. We met today with the delegation of Libya and Iceland to further understand how several subjects are being tackled.

Libya mentioned that since there are numerous solutions that delegates inside the committee are proposing, focusing on the prevention for the outbreak of diseases (Ebola, Zika, TB, etc) is crucial for Northwest Africa.

“Our focus goes beyond border security”—Libya

Even though the WHO is conducting research on the diseases, it is mainly focusing on prevention of diseases in the African Union. That is why the African block is suggesting the help of developed countries (US, France). This block is sure that in order to make projects viable, it cannot solely depend on NGOs, but also on the help of the international community. Regarding the need of NGOs, the delegation expressed its wish to work with The Red Cross International. Iceland believes that through guidance and specific stablished plans, NGOs can effectively educate the people.

“For example, during the Ebola crisis, there was a tension within the WHO on how it was going to address each culture”- Iceland


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