Chinese Withdraw Troops from Vietnam


The Historical General Assembly was graced with the presence of Pope John Paul II on March 17, 1979. Members of the General Assembly were informed that China had withdrawn from Vietnam, effectively concluding the Sino-Vietnamese War that had caused choas and destruction within the region.

While the news of China’s withdrawal was met with positive reactions, the scorched-earth policy that the Chinese militia had enforced during its stay in Vietnam left many nations bitter, angry, and upset. Under the policy, the Chinese caused extensive damage to Vietnamese countryside and infrastructure during their retreat, destroying many Vietnamese villages, roads, and railroads in the process.

When asked about further action for the Historical General Assembly in relation to Vietnam, most countries were in agreement that the best solution was to keep moving forward, while countries such as the U.S.S.R. called China’s actions deplorable and called for a moment of silence. The parties involved in the conflict, however, stated that they would continue to collaborate and cooperate to achieve peace and stability in the region.

“We would be willing to move forward and keep making progress,” the delegate from Vietnam said.

image1 (2)

Pope John Paul II prepares to address the Historical General Assembly.


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