Cabinet of the Democratic People’s Republic of Afghanistan, 1978 is set to move the country forward



There has been widespread skepticism about the feasibility of the Afghan Government in maintaining its new found peace, protecting deeply held Democratic values and the possible sustenance of Afghan’s democracy. This skepticism is however not shared by the Afghan Cabinet as they are optimistic that they are capable of achieving all the objectives of the Cabinet. Another burning question is how it intends to carry all the ethnic Afghan groups along.

In a Press Conference with the Cabinet earlier today, the Minister of Education stated that they have asked for a meeting with the representatives of the various ethnic groups in order to ensure equal participation and representation of the groups. This council would also help to ensure that the values of the citizens are upheld and promoted by the Afghan Government.

The Minister of Defence has also stated that the Government would actively ensure and promote peace and security in the new dispensation. He says the Government intends to achieve this by promoting a communist ideology and the upholding of Muslim principles.

The Attorney General promises that he would submit a draft constitution before the Cabinet later today. He says that directives have been passed to ensure that the rights of the citizens are protected and their values promoted by the Constitution. He further states that the Government has been in contact with Lawyers from Egypt and USSR in order to ensure that the Constitution protects both Islamic and Socialist values.

The Minister of Afghan Intelligence also stated that the Cabinet is confident that there would be sustenance of democratic values as well as the rule of law. The Government through his ministry intends to build infrastructure and intelligence. The Government also has active plans of participating in the international community and applying for memberships of various international organizations. It remains to be seen if this Cabinet would fulfill all of its objectives and truly fulfill all of its mandates.


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