BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan, Mozambique, and Others Release Details of Glocally Breath


The United Nations Environment Programme is currently discussing the topic of air pollution in committee sessions. The delegation of Pakistan has released information regarding a proposed solution to this issue. The proposed resolution is entitled Glocally Breath, and was developed in collaboration with Mozambique and many other nations present in debate. The proposed resolution aims to raise awareness of air pollution’s health effects, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce pollution from transportation. Glocally Breath will seek to improve awareness of air pollution through a mass media campaign, specifically conducted through the internet. These are all goals that would help to address the issue of air pollution, however the question remains as to how exactly the proposed document would accomplish these aims, or how such a mass media campaign would function. The topic of air pollution, and the proposed resolutions in Glocally Breath, will continue to be a topic of debate in the Environment Programme in Session V.


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