Bell Pottinger Management Team Keep Information Disclosed: What Are They Hiding?


The Press Conference with Bell Pottinger Management Team was met with a hesitant and tense environment as chairmen disclosed little information on the state of their clients and the bodies they are currently representing.

The Hurriyet Daily News was able to retrieve classified information about the possible clients that the BPMT is currently representing and some details regarding the nature of their work with these clients. However, the BPMT remained ambiguous in their disclosure of further details.

2016-02-13 10.29.08

The Bell Pottinger Management Team prepares for the Press Conference

The Managing Director of Myanmar shut down the phrasing used in the question regarding what has come from the role of elite conservative non-governmental actors in crafting international affairs, arguing that this team does not “‘craft’ international affairs, but more or less represent international actors.” The Director claimed that they are not facilitating international relations, but merely work with their clients to portray them in the “best light” because “most” of their clients deserve this. The Managing Director of Myanmar continued on to say that their clients are “the best actors in this world,” asserting the value of their clients, despite public opinion and the efforts of many bodies wishing to defame their clients.

2016-02-13 10.29.26

The Managing Director of Myanmar claims this committee only seeks to provide the best light for their clients.

The press addressed the Team’s current task of establishing economic development in Croatia, to which the Chairmen of Asia said, “this committee has an interesting stance, in that we believe Croatia is at a time for economic development…although we are working alongside a client right now, we are hoping to bring economic development and empowerment to the region via the institution of more privatization and further sourcing of funding.”

The Chairmen did not disclose the client they were working with amidst their stance to help Croatia develop economically.

The Chief Financial Officer asserted, “This company has the highest commitment to economic development and the well-being of people. We have the people at heart…when we saw investors willing to contribute to jumpstart economic growth, we could not but jump on the opportunity to help and to make the world a better place, which is exactly what we are doing here.” Despite these claims, the Chairmen of Asia and the Chief Financial Officer provided few details to the measures they are taking to help sustain this economic development in Croatia.

Bell Pottinger Management Team has been well known for working with Monsanto, a company producing genetically modified seeds that has brought unrest to local food industries and citizens concerned about the health risks as a result of this means of food production. The Managing Director of Myanmar supported the company by saying that “Monsanto is an activist against hunger, their goal is to reduce and replenish hunger in this world…they have created several crops like Golden rice, that can be grown in drought areas.” The Director went on to say, “this expansion is not so much an expansion economically, it’s more of a humanitarian expansion with a private twist to it. It reaches out to Latin America and Africa, where the main problem these countries are facing are that Monsanto sells seeds yearly to these individuals and they can’t afford it. Monsanto is moving towards a new program that is going to be more towards renting and working on establishing these economies instead of just selling seeds to them and allowing these economies to work out procedures by themselves.”

In short, the Managing Director claims Monsanto is moving towards growing the agriculture economy of Latin America, a region of the world that does not have good relations with Monsanto. The Geopolitical Chairman says that the BPMT’s goal is to show “the real world what Monsanto really is.” The Chairman also claimed that the past allegations and press Monsanto’s purpose as an organization has received is “untrue.”

2016-02-13 10.29.35

The Chairman of Geopolitical claims Monsanto is in the right, despite the public view of the company.

The team continued to put their clients in the best light and shut down past allegations that their clients have been known for. This team has stretched the humanitarian approach and has continued to keep their developments under wraps.


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