An overview of Water for People


Non-Governmental Organizations are having a wider presence in this HNMUN conference, from signing Working Papers and Draft Resolutions to proposing their plans and ideas. During this particular conference, NGOs have been invited to ally with delegates and with the other NGOs to have the best outcome.

Water for People is now currently working to make the vision that Ken Miller, Wayne Weiss and John B. Mannion (former members of the American Waters Works Associations) shared: “the vision of a world where all people have access to safe water and adequate sanitation”1 to come true. “We dream on the day that every person has access to water.”

While the SPECPOL committee is currently working on solving water scarcity, Water for People aims to work in the SOCHUM committee so the NGO can join P-5 countries, like the United States.


Representantive of Water for People is ready for her team members.


When the placard is raised, NGOs can propose and talk during the Moderated Caucus.


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