An Interview with Freedom House and Acumen Fund


Freedom House and Acumen Fund are two NGO’s that aim to help delegates achieve their goals.  Both organizations sat down with us to discuss their programs and strategies.

Q: So, what is Acumen Fund?

A: We are a charity organization that donates money to poor countries so they can develop better resources.

Q: What are your expectations for this conference? What committees have you attended so far?

A:We have attended every committee and we have explained to delegates our role in helping their proposals.

Q: What has Freedom House done in this conference so far?

A: We are watching over the protection of human rights, so every committee is significant to us. Luckily we have attended most of the General Assembly and ECOSOC committees. Freedom House aims to facilitate in the passing of resolutions that support freedom and democracy.

Q: What is your strategy?

A: Our focus is all of the world, from developed to third-world countries.   Our organization seeks to promote freedom everywhere.



Acumen Fund (Left)  and Freedom House (Right)

You can watch the complete interview here


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