Acumen Fund promotes the protection of Democratic Values Globally.


The protection of democratic values such as free speech and the protection of the social and cultural rights of migrants in host countries is of particular importance in recent times due to the migrant and refugee crisis prevalent in the Middle East. Diego Flores, a delegate from the Acumen Fund in a session of the International Organization for Migration, stated in an interview that the Acumen Fund seeks primarily to “protect the general interest of all NGOs by seeking a protection of fundamental democratic values.” He also stated that one of his NGO’s objective is to push reforms in the best interest of the well-being of a nation and the voice of its people.

A salient question was the position of his NGO is in ensuring that the rights of migrants, especially the social and cultural rights, are protected since host countries sometimes require that migrants assimilate their culture and speak their language fluently. he says that these rights should not be violated as globalization is taking its natural course. He further stated that countries should naturally expect that in the modern age, there would be a massive mixture of cultures across the globe and this diversity and mixture would reflect the diversity of the world.

One of the most important considerations of host countries in accepting migrants is usually that the migrants do not perpetrate terrorist activities within their borders. This is particularly important as these migrants are usually feared to have violent proclivities since they are usually from war-torn areas. Diego Flores stated that the position of the Acumen Fund is that these host countries manage the security situation of their country as this is not a valid reason for refusing to open borders to migrants who are running from crisis and terrible living conditions in their home countries. This response of the Acumen Fund on this issue is somewhat vague as the Countries might actually be “managing their security situation” by refusing to open up their borders to such migrants.

acumen fund

Diego Flores, delegate from the Acumen Fund.


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