A Big Goal For The WHO



Despite an improvement in living conditions worldwide, one cannot ignore the dismal realization – backed by an utter admission from the organization – that the World Health Organization (WHO) cannot tend another outbreak like the Ebola epidemic that struck only too recently. In October of 2015, Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of WHO, had mentioned that the very fact of improved living conditions is now inviting an onset of noncommunicable diseases. These diseases have been on the rise in light of the increased use of antibiotics, making them resistant to ever-stronger varieties, among other worrisome factors.

The WHO is suffering from a lack of resources. This affects them on a domestic and international scale, causing the outlook of impending epidemics to be inevitably negative. One solution could be to call out to healthcare workers from all over to aid in the efforts of pandemics and epidemics, but the WHO would also need to assure that its issuance of such states of emergency is rapid. Somehow, the organization must meet the needs of the many with its few resources.


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