1978, A Year to Make the Right Choices in Afghanistan


It’s year 1978, and the new cabinet of Afghanistan has a lot of work ahead.

Currently, women comprise only 10% of leadership, the feudal economy continues to restrict economic growth, and the army has merely 90,000 soldiers.

During session, the committee passed several directives that would encourage gender inclusivity in educational reform and determine the duration of studies in rural and urban populations.  But the goal of building an effective communist society with improved foreigns relations and economic growth will require a consensus on many more directives.

Inspired by President Taraki’s speech on the necessity of establishing land reform, respecting Islamic values, and building a communist society, the Minister of Justice argued, “In the following constitution we should abolish all Islamic law, and completely install soviet ideology in the Afghan people”.

While some agreed with the Minister and supported collaborating with the Indian government, other members of the Cabinet opposed the intrusion of the Indian military in Afghanistan.

If passed, this directive will be in effect for five years, after which a special conference will be held to reevaluate.

The Minister of Defense urged, “We understand that training is the best way to form an army, with the help of Soviet Union and Cuba we can achieve it.”



Delegates passing and reading directives on the possibility of collaborating with India.


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