The Complicated Task of the Security Council


Boston 21:45– The United Nations Security Council has a complicated task at hand with the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict. Another war could be on the horizon, and talks between the two groups, attempted with the help of the Minsk Group, have yet to stop the tension.

The requires immediate attention, to say the least – even within the first month of 2016, soldiers continue to be killed in this ongoing conflict. At one time, a 10-year-old boy had even be killed by sniper fire.

The South China Sea dispute pales in comparison, even in spite of  anxieties over the possibilities of growing conflict that could erupt into complete war.

This way be a time in which disarmament is a requirement. Such an order may develop tensions with the UN Security Council, at the same time. By some means, the two groups must be stripped of their power to inflict further violence. Peace talks have lead nowhere.

As long as deaths and serious injuries continue to line the border area, the men cannot be permitted to carry on the issue. In some circumstances, according to the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry in 2010, the Armenians have even resorted to using submachine guns, which hace subsequently been used on citizens in the past. (In the same breath, the Defense Ministry has pushed the responsibility to end the conflict on the Armenians.) A ceasefire agreement is also supposed to be upheld, having been implemented in 1994 but repeatedly breached on numerous occasions.




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