Non-Governmental Organizations Seek Cooperation in United Nations Environmental Programme



Two non-governmental organizations are urging delegates in the United Nations Environmental Programme to address the issue of environmental health. Water for People and Friends International aim to bridge differences between nations to establish international cooperation for addressing environmental crises.

Water for People argues that governments have the responsibility to provide clean water and to decrease global water pollution, and calls for all countries to cooperate and contribute to the efforts.

“We are really working with the United States to obtain donations and technological innovations,” a representative from Water for People said. “However, smaller countries also need to work with the United States, and it should be a group effort.”

Friends International seeks to collaborate with Water for People by developing friendly relationships among countries and promoting diversity.

“We believe that having safe water and clean air can promote peace in the world,” the representative from Friends International said. “But we cannot solve any problem alone, and we must all solve this together.”


Non-governmental organizations have been collaborating with countries in the United Nations Environmental Programme to address environmental health issues.


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