NGO Spotlight: Water for People and Friends-International Merge Forces to Encourage Change


A representative from Water to People, a Non-Governmental Organization, seeks to connect various national bodies to come together to address the current water crisis facing our world today. The representative mentioned that the rise of global warming has resulted in the lack of access to water. The best means to combat this issue would be to encourage countries from across the world to join forces with Water for People.


The representative pushed the notion of getting the USA on board, as their powerhouse resources and skills would truly help to bring the water crisis to life and help the progression of this issue. The representative suggested, when asked which other organizations should come on board to support Water for People, that the World Health Organization and Friend’s International should come on board to get the messages of Water for People across to a larger audience.


Representatives from Water for People and Friends-International seek to work together to bring international bodies together to combat issues surrounding lack of water and helping to build futures for children

The representative from Friends-International said the mission of their organization was imperative for countries across the world. The representative said Friends-International seeks to develop relationships to build a future for the children and economies of the world. This organization was created to help support Southeast Asia, however their resources and message extend across the world. Like the representative from Water for People, Friends-International feels that it is important to form connections across nations, as that is the only means to help countries prosper.


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