A Difficult, But Effective, Outcome


As the first day of committee session of HNMUN starts, all of the delegations both in The General Assembly and ECOSOC began discussing which topic should be reviewed. In the Specialized Agencies, members addressed their concerns and soon, with the help of directives and secret actions, the crises began

The General Assembly had great speeches, such as the ones in the Disarmament and International Security committee, which voted for topic A, “The Future of State boundaries in the Middle East.” The delegation of Greece expressed that after the previous refugee crisis its country faced 2 years ago, strong actions must be taken. In the unmoderated caucus, a European block formed to stress the following issue: “Its not only important to live a safe life, but to live it without fear of what terrorist groups like ISIS can do to your community.” There were about four diverse blocks that joined in this time and they are all fully committed to increasing border security and migration control. The delegates remembered Ban Ki Moon’s speech,“terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people,” and were fully devoted to examine the issue inside the committee room.


Delegates from DISEC’s European block discussing about the possible solutions to the issues at hand.

Concerning SPECPOL, both topics were considered to be important as third world countries face challenges of water scarcity and newly independent states face other challenges as well. For example, in South Sudan, there have been issues with terrorists groups and opposing tribes like the Dinka and Nuer. Delegations expressed the necessity of peacekeeping operations to tackle these issues when it is difficult to hold individuals accountable in a divided state.

We hope that during this days of the conferences, all Member States will reach a mutual consensus that can benefit not only a small group of individuals within the committee, but the committee as a whole.


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