A Citizen’s Alternative to the Faulty Healthcare System in India



The UNHRC Sessions.

India thrives as one of the most populous democracies in the world today but it is highly condemnable that significant human rights abuses also thrive in India till the present day. Many government initiatives have not been passed or achieved today owing to poor implementation. As a result, discrimination and marginalization against women, children, the Dalits (so-called untouchables), minorities, persons with disabilities, and a major part of the population remains prevalent. Health as a fundamental human right in India seems very unlikely for many years to come — this does not speak well of our country.

Keeping in mind this abysmal system of health care in India, citizens are advised to embrace a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and following healthy lifestyles. This would help reduce the reliance on the faulty healthcare system and reduce the rate of sicknesses and diseases in the country.

Yoga should also be incorporated into daily and weekly schedules as it would help relax the mind, the brain, and the muscles. It would help citizens keep fit and improve their overall bodily functions. Meditation should also be considered in addition to eating healthy and exercising — it is a means of also relaxing the mind and body and preventing illnesses. This would suffice for the meantime while India tries to fix its faulty healthcare system. We hope for a successful outcome from the UNHRC deliberations currently going on.


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